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Sunset on the sea
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Sunset on the sea
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Sunset on the sea
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In August 2004, the sunspot group 649 was wide. Today, after one turn of the Sun on itself, it is moribund, but big enough to be visible on the upper left of the solar disk.
Here, the Sun looks like a bulb, because its lower part is behind an Earth's atmosphere layer that distort is a lot. On the following picture, the sunspot 649 cross this layer and take a weird shape.

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Instrument   110 mm focal length
Exposure & film   1/90 s with digital camera Camedia 5060
Date & place   September 4, 2004, Pointe de la Torche (Finistère)

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Published on Septembre 10, 2004, in the homepage of SpaceWeather.
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