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The Earth is round!
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The Earth is round!
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The Earth is round!
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The Earth is round! Good news... that's what proof us this picture taken toward the South of Le Guilvinec (South Finistère).
This is a busy way for the boats comming from the Channel. The ships are going along the shore, many miles away, and sometime, when the sky is clear enough near the sea level, one can see their ghostly silhouette passing beyond the horizon line, their shell masked because of the roundedness' Earth. Only their pilothouse or some high structures staying visible "behind the Earth".
In the next picture, another ship less remote is showing itself a little more.
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Instrument   110 mm focal length
Exposure & film   1/180 s with digital camera Camedia 5060 + DCL-4337 + 80/480 refrector
Date & place   April 5, 2005, Le Guilvinec

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