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The Full Moon in 3D
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The Solar System in 3D
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The Full Moon in 3D!
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3D Saturn
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3D Jupiter
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The Full Moon in 3D!
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1024 x 768 pixels (237 ko)

 1024 x 768 pixels (237 kB)
The lunar libration allow to see the Moon under two slightly different angles. And this is exactly how we can sens the relief, because our two eyes are separated by a few centimeters and then see the same object under two different angles. Our brain combines those two images to allow us to sense the object in 3 dimensions. Close one eye, and you'll lost the relief of the things.
By taking two pictures of the Full Moon at two separated moments (November 2006 and January 2007), I have realized this view in 3D (called "anaglyph") of the Moon. To appreciate it, take your red and blue glasses. It's amazing!

See also the cross-eyed picture and the composite with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Thank to Hanno Falk who gives me the idea to realize this anaglyph by creating such an image using two of the pictures of my animation published in SpaceWeather.
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Instrument   Canon 350D + Barlow 2x + WO Megrez 960/80 (F/D 12.0) refractor, composite of 2 pictures
Exposure & film   1/200 s on
Date & place   January 2007, Quimper

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Publication as picture of the day on June 2, 2007
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