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Full Moon rise sequence
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Full Moon rise sequence
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Full Moon rise sequence
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Full Moon rise sequence
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Full Moon rise sequence
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400 x 3600 pixels (153 kB)


 400 x 3600 pixels 
(153 ko)
Instrument   70 mm focal length, composite of 9 pictures
Exposure & film   3 s - 1/30 s with digital camera Camedia 5060 + DCL-4337 + 80/480 refrector
Date & place   June 22, 2005, Beg Meil
We are on June 22, one day after the summer solstice, so the Moon is rising far to the South. Furthermore, it stay low above the horizon (like the Sun in winter) and takes more time than habitually the rise.
Installed on a beach in Beg Meil, I'm ready to take pictures of the rising Moon. It is dark-red when it appear discreetly above the sea, at just one degree of elevation.
Firstly very fuzzy (because of the atmospheric turbulence very strong near the horizon), flatten (because of the atmospheric refraction), dark and red (because of the more thick atmosphere near the horizon), it brighten slowly, get more yellow, as it takes its round shape. That day, many hours were necessary for the Moon to became white. I wasn't patient enough!
To realize this sequence, I made one shot each 30 seconds. Then I made this animation in Flash format (403 ko).
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