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Wonderful Moon Crescent
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The Moon is reflecting on the sea of clouds
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Wonderful Moon Crescent
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For me, a Crescent Moon adorn with it Earthshine is one of the most splendid thing I know. This one shines above a small hill, in a dark blue sky where some stars twinkle.
A few minutes ago, when my Canon 350D battery get empty, I was disappointed not to be able to capture this scene. To prolong its life, I had to heat it by putting it into my pants... close to my skin! Such a photograph needs this kind of sacrifice...
With this first photograph of the year, I wish you a year fills with Crescent Moon.
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Instrument   200 mm focal length
Exposure & film   1.3 s with digital camera Canon 350D + Olympus 200 mm 1:4.0
Date & place   January 2, 2006, Châteaulin (Finistère)

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 This picture has been published in
 Beautiful Universe 2007
Second prize in the category "solar System: The Moon" in the Beautiful Universe photo contest
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Published on January 3, 2006, in the homepage of SpaceWeather
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