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Satellite flash
31187 times
The Earth shadow reaveled by satellites
16804 times
The Earth shadow reaveled by satellites
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Satellite flash
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 1280 x 960 pixels (317 kB)
By looking carefully at the pictures taken during the astronomical twilight, I notice these two satellites with a strange behavior:
- the right one seems to spin regularly, drawing a dotted path. - the left one in much more irregular, blinking shortly a few seconds apart, and flashing briefly (the bright dot along its path) above the wind turbine!

Click here to see the video of these two satellites in close-up.

And don't miss the video (gathering 1225 photos and spanning 4 hours and a half) from which this picture is created: click here. You'll see how the number of visible satellites is increasing during the astronomical twilight!
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Instrument   30 mm focal length, composite of 18 pictures
Exposure & film   10 s with digital camera Canon 30D + Sigma 30 EX 1:1.4
Date & place   June 10, 2008, Cast (Finistère)

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