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DxO Optics: how does it work?

The DxO Optics technicians are working hard to photograph some targets with different DSLR and lenses. By mesuring the flaws (distortions, vigneting, chromatism, etc.), they quantify them, then creat some algorithms (called modules) which allow to correct them at best.
Thus, it is possible that you can't find one of your lenses for your DSLR. For example, for the moment, the Sigma 10-20 lens isn(t available for the Canon 30D when it is available for the Canon 350D.
But the DxO Optics technicians published frequently some new modules. Stay tuned...

Bellow: a RAW file (crop) before
and after the chromatism process.
Canon 350D + Sigma 10-20 at 10 mm
open at 4 on a tripod. 30 s at 800 ASA.

Now, let's enter at issue by viewing how this software works.

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