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Nautical twilight
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Nautical twilight
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Once the Sun set, the night fall more or less quickly (slowly in Summer and quickly in Winter). It's the beginning of a series of twilights corresponding to the altitude of the Sun below the horizon. those twilights are called civil twilight (the Sun is from 50 minutes to 6 degrees below the horizon), nautical twilight (the Sun is from 6 degrees to 12 degrees below the horizon) and astronomical twilight (the Sun is from 12 degrees to 18 degrees below the horizon).
This picture has been taken probably at the beginning of the nautical twilight, because it seems to be broad daylight (the landscape is green), despite the cars have their lights. During this two minutes exposure, some cars have drawn the road which meander at the foot of the Menez-Hom.
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Instrument   Zuiko 200 mm 1:4.0 lens
Exposure & film   2 min on Superia 200
Date & place   April 16, 2003, Menez-Hom (Finistère)

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