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Green flash from the Moon
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Green Flash after the eclipse
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Green Flash after the eclipse
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The evening of the < A href=galerie_us.php?id=12>3 october 2005 annular eclipse , the sky is very limpid. The Sun will lie down behind remote and relatively low mountains: it is the ideal combination to try to catch the fugitive green flash.
the Sun is very brilliant, and so I must wait the last moment to point the Sun, because I'm afraid to damage the sensor of my digital camera. Closed to the maximum, 1:8, and set on maximum speed, 1/4000 s, I'm not sure to even contain the over-exposure. I snap randomly, just before the Sun disappear. I check on the screen of my bridge camera and note with satisfaction that I have something green. It's certainly not the photograph of the century, but that makes one more photo in my green rays collection.
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Instrument   70 mm focal length
Exposure & film   1/4000 s with digital camera Camedia 5060 + DCL-4337 + 80/480 refrector
Date & place   October 3, 2005, Dénia (Espagne)

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