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Cows in Moonlight
Photo processed with DxO Optics
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483 x 1024 pixels (127 kB)


 483 x 1024 pixels 
(127 ko)
Instrument   18 mm focal length, composite of 3 pictures
Exposure & film   3 s with digital camera Canon 350D + Sigma 18-50 1:2.8
Date & place   January 11, 2006, Plomelin
Tonight, living my office, I notice some fog close to the ground. So, I decide to leave home later in the evening to take pictures of that under the bright moonlight.
Around 10 PM, I leave home to the countryside. I'll drive till my eyes tell me where to stop. On the way, watching thoses cows with Orion and Canis Major in the background, I decide to stop. Illuminated by a high near Full Moon, the field is bright, the black and white cows easily visible, and the sky full of stars.
A series of 3 pictures were necessary to realize this panoramic view. The difficulty was to prevent the cows from moving, so that they are neat in the picture! But as these animals are curious, I just had to speak to them so that they cease feeding and look at me. Alas, prevent a cow from ruminating is almost impossible!

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