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April afternoon
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ISS in front of the Sun
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ISS in front of the Sun
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Tonight I'm nervous. Not for the ultimate match of the FIFA World Cup where France must play against Italy, but for a transit of the ISS in front of the Sun. That will occur at 8:11:28 PM, 11 minutes after the beginning of the encounter. ISS will be at a distance of 920 km, with a size of 20 arcseconds.
During the afternoon, I had prepared this transit, aided by and Google Earth (Calsky can compute some coordinates usable in Google Earth. I decide to go north of Quimper.
I leave home at 7:30 PM and because of clouds, decide to go toward East. My GPS is a precious tool in order not to be too far from the centrality band.
Once in place, I synchronise my PDA with the GPS. It's really important, because I have only about 15 s before saturation of my Canon 350D buffer. I adjust my stuff. I'm ready 5 minutes before the transit. I'm definitely nervous. I look to the clock... I'm ready.
At 8:11:27 PM, I start the series of photos, wishing it will be OK! 16 seconds later, the buufer is full. I leave the place, rushing to see the football match with my girlfriend and friends.
While I heat my pizza, I give a look to the pictures and... see the little dark dot of the silouhette of ISS! Bingo!
Nice work, because the first frame with ISS is the 4th one! If I had started only a little more than 1 s later, I would have missed the beginning of the transit! Notice the little dark dot at the summit of the Sun, it's ISS leaving the Sun!

Let's have a look to the high definition picture (2100 x 2100 pixels, 544 ko) and to this animations showing the transit of ISS in front of the Sun :
- animation in Flash (768 x 768, 305 ko)
- animation in GIF (768 x 768, 463 ko)
Seen 24662 times
Instrument   Canon 350D + Barlow 2x + WO Megrez 960/80 (F/D 12.0) refractor, composite of 7 pictures
Exposure & film   1/640 s on
Date & place   July 9, 2006, Elliant (Finistère)

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